17 Investing Resources I Use Daily

I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking about resources I use when trying to find great investment ideas.

As I have written about in the past, the most important place I get good ideas is from speaking with other investors. Outside of my network of likeminded investors, the rest to me.

I have aggregated a list of resources I like to use to find potential investment ideas. This list isn’t exhaustive. And each major investment I make, typically comes from a unique coroner on the internet.

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Investing Resources

NoNameStocks: No Name Stocks is a great investing blog on dark and illiquid companies you have never heard of. The blog is ran by Dan Schum an investor who has had insane returns investing in these obscure companies. From Dan’s portfolio performance page he has annualized over 50% per year since 2013, a cumulative return of over 2,500%.

Seeking Alpha: Great to get quick ratios on companies like P/B, P/E, EV/EBITDA and a description of a company. There are also a handful of investors I follow on here for their original research or comments on any specific article. Seeking Alpha is also great for reading earning transcripts.

Screener.co: A decent stock screener to find investment opportunities. Stock screeners allow you to search for a stock by a certain metric like revenue growth, EBITDA and different kinds of valuation metrics. Sadly this screener isn’t free. I use the $24.95/month package.

The Acquirer’s Multiple: Created by Tobias Carlisle, the Acquirer’s Multiple is a deep value stock screener to help you find undervalued activist and takeover targets. Tobias also runs the Greenbacked website which is a great blog on investing.

Stockhouse: A message board on Canadian stocks. Sometimes it is hard to find information on small Canadian companies. This message board typically a person or two commenting on pretty much every Canadian company out there.

sec.gov/edgar: Best website on the internet hands down. The only place to get updated financials on your favorite U.S. listed company.

sedar.com: This website looks like it was created in 1993 and never updated again. Despite the caveman features this is the governmental website that aggregates all publicly traded Canadian companies. Good luck using this interface!

SECFilings: Great website to get all of your SEC filings sent directly to your email inbox in real time. Instead of checking the sec.gov every 30 minutes during earning season you can get your sec report sent to your email so you don’t miss it.

Google Alerts: You can get alerts on certain keywords using Google Alerts. I like to get alerts for any company I am invested in so I can keep track of all articles and information published on these companies. Other keyword alerts are for “odd lot tender offer” and “mutual conversions”. Love knowing anytime a company is demutualizing or doing a tender offer.

Yet Another Value Blog: A great blog on investing by Andrew Walker, portfolio manager at Rangeley Capital. I have followed Walker for years and have enjoyed his stock ideas.

Adventures In Capitalism: An investing blog by Harris Kupperman, Founder and CIO at Praetorian Capital. Kupperman is also the Chairman and CEO of Mongolia Growth Group (“YAK: Cananda and MNGGF: USA) a microcap company with assets in Mongolia.

Plum Capital: Great substack on investing in misunderstood microcap companies. I really enjoyed Plum Capital’s post on Jakks Pacific.

Bank Investor: Good place to get data on bank mutual conversions.

Security Analysis Subreddit: I have been looking at subreddits more often these days for research ideas. The Security Analysis one on Reddit is pretty decent for fund manager letters, articles and analysis on stocks.

docoh.com: Another data aggregator site for SEC filings. I like to use their site to get real time updates on insider transactions, 8-Ks, transcripts, etc.

Exploring with Alluvial Capital: Formerly known as OTC Adventures, Exploring with Alluvial Capital is the newsletter of Dave Waters, portfolio manager of Alluvial Capital. Dave focuses on obscure companies in the OTC and international space.

Insider Purchases Twitter: I love tracking insider sale purchases. Typically when an insider is buying it is time to look at that company. I really love it when an insider is buying when the stock is at a historical low. This Twitter account tracks insider trading.