Exclusive Newsletter Focused on High Quality Alpha Rich Stock Ideas

Fellow investors. I have decided to launch a paid subscription newsletter. The paid subscription newsletter will focus exclusively on “alpha rich” stock ideas that have potential to generate strong, market beating returns.

I plan to publish 1-2 high quality stock ideas per month. These will be exclusive research reports on my highest quality stock ideas. I will be taking a position in each idea that I write about to be fully aligned with subscribers and “eat” my own cake.

The newsletter will be priced at a low $10 dollars per month. I feel like this is more than fair and a “steal” for the high quality analysis I will be offering. I suspect one idea I publish could generate enough alpha to cover the cost of the subscription for more than a year.

Who am I?

As a background on myself, I spent many years on the buyside focused on fundamental analysis on potential investment ideas that could generate high alpha. I spent an additional five years as a private investor where I generated consistent returns. I recommended dozens of high quality investment ideas to the fund I worked for that, delivering alpha for our investors.

I’m an extreme value investor. I love stocks off the beaten path that no one else is looking at. Stocks that have been written off and forgotten about by the rest of Wall Street. “Dying” industries. Melting ice cubes. I don’t care if a company hasn’t grown its revenues over the past ten years. All I care about is free cash flow.

Most of my time is focused on microcap and nanocap companies because it is one of the most inefficient and alpha rich areas in the global market. This provides a huge opportunity for investors to generate strong returns through bottoms up, fundamental research.

My ideal investment has an asymmetric risk/return profile, with limited downside and significant upside. I protect my downside by focusing on companies with high cash positions, strong free cash flow and a potential “asset base” that could be sold if in the event I am wrong in my analysis.

I love investing in the most unloved and out of favored sectors or the market. My favorite stocks are the ones that have seen their share prices collapse and are trading at multi-decade lows. If a stock that I have purchased continues to fall I will double down on my positions assuming nothing has changed fundamentally. I’m a contrarian investor at heart.

First stock pick

I will be publishing my first stock pick this weekend only to exclusive subscribers. I am highly confident this idea will generate strong alpha for investors given the asymmetric upside to downside nature of the set up.

The stock is a royalty/trademark company that could either double (or more - potential 4 bagger if all the stars align) or head back down to zero. I expect the company to report earnings later this month which should get them back into compliance with their lenders as EBITDA should return to a more normalized level. In addition, there is potential opportunity this company may sell itself in parts or as a whole, giving investors a quick return on their money.

The stock is up over 40% since I started buying, but has potential to go up much more.

Subscribe to the “exclusive” newsletter to see my research report on this company for only $10 dollars per month. If I am right in my analysis, the returns should be more than enough to cover the incremental cost of $10 bucks.

Looking forward to seeing you on the other side,