Here's how to play the movie theater selloff

Good morning investors. It’s time for another week of crazy market activity. Last week we saw a lot of volatility in the small and microcap space. Anything tied to the economy reopening got whacked. A lot of the names I cover and invest in sold off.

I took advantage of the volatility by purchasing more of the stocks I already like. I highlighted to subscribers the top seven names in my portfolio that I am actively buying. Subscribers can see that list here if you missed it.

We are coming into Q2 earnings over the next few weeks. I will be actively covering the seven companies I am invested in so keep a look out for updates on these names. Whenever the market gets incremental information there is typically a repricing or re-rating of the implied valuation. It is good to stay up to date on earnings as you can get some funky trading activity in illiquid microcaps.

In addition, I love to look at 52 week lows during earnings season. Sometimes when a company disappoints investors their stock tends to selloff in a big way. This happened with, Inc. (STMP) back in 2019. The stock went from $200/share down to $37/share. Nine days ago Stamps was bought out for $330/share. Anyone who was actively looking for 52 week lows would have made a killing.

Speaking of 52 week lows I have started to increase my position in my favorite movie theater company (this is not AMC). The stock has sold off over 30% since June and it is starting to look like a no brainer buy here. Here is my rationale for increasing my position.

  • Pre-COVID this company was trading at more than double the current valuation. I do think the streaming industry has taken some market share from theaters, but not half of the entire market.

  • The box office continues to improve. In June the domestic box office was $399 million and in the first 18 days of July the box office is already at $328 million. From 2019 levels we are still down more than 50% but every month is a continual improvement. I am guessing by the end of the year we are back to $600 million to $1 billion per month box office as more films are released. There is a lot more room for improvement.

  • There is significant “hidden” asset value that the market is completely missing. Any NAV or liquidation valuation points to a much higher intrinsic value.

  • Speaking of hidden assets, the management team is actively looking to sell real estate which should continue to unlock value and improve the balance sheet.

  • The balance sheet is top notch. There is almost no way this company goes bankrupt unlike its highly levered and overvalued competitors (looking at you AMC Apes).

  • Short interest is over 20% so we could get some wild trading should Q2 results outperform.

  • The management team is well aligned with significant ownership interest in the company and its future. The team has done a wonderful job in the past of creating shareholder value (special dividends, share repurchases, etc.) and should continue to in future years.

  • I think the stock double over the next 12-24 months providing investors a strong internal rate of return at the current valuation.

I am pretty comfortable underwriting this company at the current valuation and will be backing up the truck this week. I will use any selloff to materially increase my position. Get instant access to my research report by subscribing for only $10/month.

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