How to play the infrastructure bill?

President Joe Biden is planning to unveil his $2.25 trillion infrastructure plan today. The plan will include large chunks of funding for transportation, clean water, high-speed broadband, manufacturing, and many other categories.

What does this mean for investors?

Keep in mind that the unveiling of the infrastructure bill has been priced in for a while. We’ve known about it for weeks, so there won’t be any easy money made today by jumping into say a transportation ETF before Biden announces the plan.

In fact, the SPDR S&P Transportation ETF, XTN, is down 1.21% today. People may be selling the news after it gained 49% over the last six months.

There is definitely money to be made once more specifics of the plan are unveiled. If you have a hunch that one particular area might receive more funding than expected, like electric vehicle credits and incentives, you could weigh your portfolio more heavily in that area.

Unfortunately, none of us know the specifics of the plan. Your guess is as good as mine, and it probably wouldn’t be a good guess. Industries that I’m looking at for a potential infrastructure play are:

  • Cement manufacturers (keep in mind during the Obama administration cement kilns had to undergo increased capex to for regulatory purposes which could be a future headwind)

  • Asphalt plays

  • 5G tech infrastructure plays

  • Small and micro-cap industrials (think of the picks & shovels that will benefit from increased capex spending)

  • Green energy (wind tower manufacturing, EV charging stations, energy efficient buildings)

  • Inflation beneficiaries (higher spending will lead to higher inflation which should benefit inflationary type hedges)

The downside of the plan is that Biden wants to increase the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%. Trump’s lowering of this rate a couple of years ago provided a boost to stocks, so the opposite could happen here if the market believes the tax hike is likely to pass. Remember when small and micro-cap stocks rocketed 10% plus after the tax rate was cut? The same thing will happen if taxes are increased. Domestic small businesses will suffer. 

However, any company with a significant amount of net operating losses (“NOLs”) should benefit from a rise in the corporate tax rate as they will shield any future free cash flows from the tax man. I will be closely monitoring NOL shells as I think these will get a significant amount of potential investment from professional investors in the future. 

Overall, an increase to the corporate tax rate negatively impacts just about every industry that generates taxable income. The recent sell-off in domestic small-cap and micro-cap companies could be an indication that investors are worried about a potential increase in corporate taxes. Remember, small and micro-cap domestic businesses have much less options to defer taxes unlike large corporations which can shield taxes through international subsidiaries. 

Keep in mind that Biden’s plan may not come to fruition at all. Congress would still have to pass a bill to secure funding for the plan. The announcement today will just lay out the President’s formal plan for what he wants proposed in Congress. The details could be changed by the House or Senate, or the entire thing may not pass at all.

In the mid-term we expect progress on the infrastructure plan to be beneficial to the Dow, along with construction and infrastructure ETFs. We’ve noted in past editions of the newsletter that investing in stocks and ETFs of companies with real assets is a good idea if you’re worried about inflation right now. If that’s the case, inflation worries and infrastructure hopes could continue to provide catalysts for mining, construction, and other industrials. 


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