Is Trevor Milton’s House For Rent On Vacation Rental Websites?

In November 2019, former Nikola Chairman Trevor Milton made headlines when he purchased a 2,000 acre Utah ranch for $32.5 million.

Today, it appears that Milton’s home is listed on multiple vacation rental websites after he was forced to step down from the company in September 2020 due to allegations of fraud and misconduct. 

The property is listed as “Abode at Riverbend Ranch” on, Expedia, Travelocity and other vacation booking sites.

Compare the photo from the original real estate listing posted in 2017 (top) to the listing photo on (bottom). 

Also check out this article announcing Milton’s purchase. Many of the featured photos are identical or near identical to the listing photos on

It appears that the ranch is only available for bookings on the weekends, as seen below. While it’s unclear why Milton is renting out his ranch, it could be that he simply doesn’t use it on the weekends and wants or needs to generate some income from the property. 

There is almost no info on the listing, and none of the dates are available right now. It’s possible that Milton or someone else just set up the listing but hasn’t made the place available yet. It should also be noted that it’s possible that Milton has nothing to do with this; perhaps someone else has set up these listings just to make him look bad?

Milton likely doesn’t need money urgently, especially after selling $48.6 million in Nikola shares just last week. Maybe Milton doesn’t plan to use the property right now, but doesn’t want to sell it?

Your guess is as good as ours, but it’s definitely an interesting situation.