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  1. As a paying subscriber you will get 1-2 high quality research reports written by a former buyside analyst at a top performing hedge fund. Institutional research of this quality sells for thousands per month on Wall Street. $10 dollars per month is a steal.

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  3. My thoughts on portfolio allocation, the macroeconomic environment, personal finance and what industries and sectors I am researching on a weekly basis.

  4. Direct access to our team on any questions you have on our research or any other stocks. We typically answer any questions in less than 24 hours.

  5. We will also be launching a chat service where all subscribers can network and talk investing together. Think Discord or Slack group.

  6. A model portfolio. I will be creating a model portfolio for all paying subscribers. Was thinking of a $100,000 dollar portfolio that shows real time investments, buys and sells. This will give more transparency into what I own, how I think about portfolio management and allow subscribers to mimic the portfolio to their own extent.

  7. Updates on buys and sells. Will be sending out updates whenever I buy or sell a security.

  8. Access to my models and notes. This will be a more long-term development as I need to figure out a way to roll this out effectively. But eventually I would like subscribers to have full access to my financial models and notes on companies I am invested in.

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I am excited about everything going on and the success of the community so far. I think we can create a special thing here and make some money during the process. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

P.S. I am in Miami for the next few weeks. If anyone wants to grab a bite to eat or a drink I would be happy to meet up and chat investing.