Special Offer

Thanks to all 18,288 investors who follow the letter and the 300 paying subscribers of the microcap stock picking service. I really appreciate the support you all have provided and have enjoyed talking to the individuals who have reached out.

Give the rapid growth of the stock picking service and incredible reception the letter has received, our team has decided to raise prices on every incremental subscriber above 500.

Our thought process is simple:

  • We are providing high quality research on undervalued stocks that very few institutional or retail investors are looking at.

  • Subscribers who followed our research on this name, are theoretically up +50% and have likely made enough money to pay for their entire subscription for multiple years.

  • We are still highly confident that the other two stock picks, here and here, should do well overtime and represent asymmetric upside/downside. In addition, the first idea could be bought out in the next 1-2 months if my research is accurate (see risks in research report).

  • At a minimum we will be providing 1-2 high quality stock picks per month that we will be invested in.

  • We recently started providing weekly notes on what we are looking at to invest in. These notes will include potential ideas we are looking to take positions in (at the right price), industries we are doing a deep dive in, how we view the macroeconomic landscape, and other investing thoughts we have.

  • Direct access to our team on any questions you have on our research or any other stocks. We typically answer any questions in less than 24 hours.

  • Institutional research of this quality sells for thousands per month on Wall Street. $10 dollars per month is a steal.

Once we hit 500 paying subscribers, we plan to double prices on every incremental subscriber above 500. In addition, we are offering the next 200 subscribers 10% off for one year.

Get 10% off for 1 year

If I haven’t convinced you yet…

I worked at a top performing hedge fund for multiple years. I recommended successful investment ideas to the fund, making millions of dollars for our investors. I’ve traveled all over the country and internationally touring companies, meeting management teams and networking with other successful investors. I know what works on Wall Street and what doesn’t.

My research will be focused on off-the-beaten path investment ideas. Deep fundamental analysis on the smallest companies out there. Companies so small most professional investors cannot or will not invest in them.

Each investment idea I present to paying subscribers will be backed-up by rigorous fundamental research. I never invest in a company unless I completely understand the business model. To understand a business model I will create my own discounted cash flow model of that said investment, speak with industry experts, listen to earnings calls, perform channel checks, speak with management teams and even tour the company if applicable. If I am investing in a stock I act like I am buying the entire company — fundamental research works!

I will have a position in every investment idea I pitch. I will be eating my own cake because I trust in my research.

Future developments

Given the demand for the stock picking service my team has decided to roll-out new features in the coming months.

  • A chat service that every paying member can join. Still trying to figure out a good system for this but thinking either Discord or Slack. This will give us all an opportunity to network on investment ideas and research stocks on a real time basis.

  • A model portfolio. I will be creating a model portfolio for all paying subscribers. Was thinking of a $100,000 dollar portfolio that shows real time investments, buys and sells. This will give more transparency into what I own, how I think about portfolio management and allow subscribers to mimic the portfolio to their own extent.

  • Updates on buys and sells. Will be sending out updates whenever I buy or sell a security.

  • Access to my models and notes. This will be a more long-term development as I need to figure out a way to roll this out effectively. But eventually I would like subscribers to have full access to my financial models and notes on companies I am invested in.

I am excited about everything going on and the success of the community so far. I think we can create a special thing here and make some money during the process. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Get 10% off for 1 year