Stock with 144% Short Interest - Highest Since GameStop

There’s a stock with over 100% short interest - the highest since GameStop in January. And it’s already up 28% today.

It’s Clover Health - $CLOV.

Clover tanked for a while after a short report alleged that part of its core business was a Medicare fraud - but it appears that Clover may have bottomed out. Now, hedge funds are shorting Clover because they think the stock is still over-hyped.

This could be a chance for a massive short squeeze. Clover is already up 28% today, surging to its highest price since March 1st. Currently, Clover is trading just above $9, down from its all-time high of $17.45 from December 2020 and up from its all-time low of $6.31 from a couple of weeks ago. 

Disclosure: We are long $CLOV and will buy or sell at anytime. Not investment advice. Just research. Do your own due diligence. We were not paid by anyone to write this.